Someone is trying to raise $3 million to turn Donald Trump’s childhood home into a shrine

The current owner of the childhood home of Donald Trump wants to raise $3 million to gift it to the ex-president as a “house of worship”. 

The house, situated in the Jamaica Estates neighbourhood of Queens, stands at 2,000 feet and was built by Fred Trump, the real-estate mogul father of Donald Trump.

The current owner had put the house on the market, but seemingly inspired by a Jimmy Fallon video where Donald Trump jokingly mentions wanting to buy it, they have decided they want to “gift” it to the ex-president as a “token of appreciation”. 

trump childhood home
Photo: Airbnb

In order to pull this off, a crowdfunding campaign has been arranged by Paramount Realty USA, on behalf of an anonymous, original seller. The GoFundMe page, called ‘Thank You President Trump’, outlines its mission statement: “Thank President Trump by contributing to this campaign to buy his childhood home in his honour!”

The fundraiser encourages Donald Trump fans to visualise turning the residence into a “house of worship.” However, in the end, it clarifies that the final decision about the purpose of the property would be up to Trump.

Misha Haghani, the principal of Paramount Realty USA, has acknowledged that Donald Trump’s celebrity is the key to the inflated asking price.

“As a house, it’s worth about $1 million,” Haghani told the New York Post in September 2019. “We aren’t selling real estate. We are selling a dream, a collectible, something that is meaningful to a lot of people.”

As it stands, the campaign has been live since November 23 and has raised just over 5,000 with the help of 218 donors. It remains to be seen whether MAGA fans are keen to blow $3 million on a shrine to their outgoing president – but at this point, it’s not looking good.