Finally: Donald Trump allows transition to Biden administration to begin

Donald Trump may have finally started to accept his election loss after commencing the formal US transition for newly-elected Joe Biden to take the Oval Office.

President-elect Joe Biden is now one step further along in the transition phase to the White House, after the Trump administration handed access to critical resources over to the Democrat, as he prepares to take office on the 20th of January.

The General Services Administration (GSA) made an announcement on Monday night, acknowledging Joe Biden as the “apparent winner”. It came as Biden’s victory in the state of Michigan was officially certified, a big hit to Donald Trump’s election hopes.

Donald Trump
Photo: Evan Vucci

Donald Trump said the federal agency must “do what needs to be done” when overseeing the handover, even though he is still contesting his election defeat.

The announcement means the newly elected president now has access to top security personal and briefings, the office space and government officials.

Furthermore, Biden’s transition website has now been officially changed to the US Government domain and the president-elect is announcing today his first cabinet picks for the roles in foreign policy and the national security team.

Consisting of former colleagues from his tenure in the Obama administration, Biden is set to appoint Janet Yellen as the first female US treasury secretary, whilst Anthony Blinken will take the reins of secretary of state and John Kerry will be climate envoy.

Soon-to-be vice president, Kamala Harris, praised the birth of a Biden-Harris presidency, saying it “looks like America”, with much more diversity and representation than the administration before it.

The announcement comes after almost three weeks of Donald Trump withholding permission for the daily classified intelligence briefing – all due to Trump’s refusal to assist with the transition towards a new US administration.

As Trump and his legal teams suffer consistent court defeats in his campaign to win back the election, the presidency continues to fall into Joe Biden’s grasp as January 20th edges closer.