Kanye fans have created an emulator to download his $200 album for free

Kanye West has announced that his new album Donda 2 will only be available to listen to on his $US200 Stem Player.

Kanye has taken it upon himself to “free music” from the “oppressive system” of major streaming services, by releasing his new album exclusively to a piece of technology that a lot of his fans won’t be able to afford.

We can definitely get around Kanye’s justification for the unorthodox release, but the execution hasn’t quite hit the mark. The rapper explained in an Instagram caption, “Today artists get just 12% of the money the industry makes.” 

We agree, that sucks. But maybe just make some CDs, dude.

Kanye’s Stem Player | Credit: Jay Peters/The Verge

If you’re wondering what the heck this ‘Stem Player’ is, it’s one of Kanye’s new business ventures, giving fans access to stems from his entire catalogue of music.

The idea is that users can remix any one of Ye’s songs from the palm of their hand, using tracks that can be downloaded from his Stem Player website.

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But Kanye’s fan’s aren’t too impressed with the rapper’s release method for Donda 2, with most of them refusing to buy the Stem Player.

Instead, a Reddit user has created an emulator that mimics the $200 device, tricking Kanye’s website into downloading the ‘exclusive’ album in its entirety.

Usually, we’d never condone pirating music. But you can’t end the music industry’s “oppressive system” by limiting fans access to your music.