Turns out 'Hank the Tank' is actually three different bears

Turns out ‘Hank the Tank’ is actually three different bears

A very hungry black bear affectionately known as ‘Hank the Tank’ has been causing havoc in Lake Tahoe, breaking into dozens of homes for food.

‘Hank the Tank’ has been on the run from Californian police after breaking into more than 30 homes to get its paws on some tasty treats.

But authorities have recently discovered that the infamous Hank is actually three different bears.

Hank the Tank
Credit: R Lolli Morrow/Getty Images/iStockphoto

DNA evidence has suggested that there are actually two other hungry, hungry bears behind some of the break-ins that have damaged dozens of homes in Lake Tahoe.

Three bears breaking into homes and eating all the porridge… sounds familiar, right? It’s pretty much the exact reverse of Goldilocks and the three bears.

The bears have caused their fair share of chaos too. Between the three of them, they’re being held responsible for 150 different incident reports across California and Nevada.

One of the break-ins sounds like a full-blown heist, with the bear waiting until a family left their Sacramento home before smashing a window and climbing inside to get its hands on a bit of a mukbang.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife are trying to track down Hank, Hank, and Hank to move them on to a more suitable habitat where they can forage naturally for food.

Apparently, the three Hanks are also known by locals as ‘Jake’ or ‘Yogi’ or just ‘Big Guy’, so it looks like each of the bear-burglars can have their own nickname now – it’s just a matter of which name gets the cut.