‘DOOM Eternal’ players have killed over 12.1 billion demons

In a set of stats release on the 18th of August, it was confirmed that DOOM Eternal players have killed 12.1 billion demons since release in March.

For a game that’s only been out for six months, DOOM Eternal fans have proven that they take their demon slaying duties very seriously.

DOOM Eternal, released on the 20th of March this year, has lived up to the hype as “one of the best first-person shooters ever”, as displayed on DOOM’s Twitter page.

Doom Eternal

Amongst stats detailing the most popular demon (Marauder), and Ultra Nightmare Fails during the final level (2,162), it was stated that so far, 12.1 billion demons have been killed by players. That’s a lot of demons; 150.1 trillion gallons worth of demon’s blood to be exact. I wouldn’t want to be the one to clean all that out of my armour.

According to the DOOM Eternal Steam charts which analyse the ongoing status of Steam’s concurrent players, the all-time peak of DOOM Eternal players is also over double the amount of peak DOOM players, even though DOOM was released in 2016.

Amongst the 192 million player deaths and matching 192 million extra lives collected, fans have just been killing it – literally. The stats don’t lie, and according to them, the players are smashing it.