There will be less Doritos in each bag thanks to inflation

Due to supply chain issues, inflation is rising and so are its effects. As a result, there will be five less corn chips in each bag of Doritos.

In the off chance you’re a scientist studying corn chip-fuelled cars amid historically high petrol prices, maybe it’s time for a new venture because Doritos are copping the effects of inflation too.

According to Food and Wine, Doritos are the next snack to be hit by “shrinkflation,” a term coined to describe a mass decrease in food quantities caused by inflation.

Loose Doritos
Credit: Getty Images

The parent company of the corn chip manufacturer, Frito-Lay, said the removal of chips was the only way the company could continue to sell Doritos at the same price in current circumstances, as per WTRF-TV.

It’s estimated that the company will save upwards of $50 million US as a result, dropping the bags’ weight down from 276 grams to 262.

Without being too cynical, it seems like an easy way to bring down production costs, with the hope that people will forget about the downsize when the effects of inflation settle down.

Other companies that have adapted their products to combat the inflation increase of 8% include toilet paper company Charmin, who are now selling rolls of 244 sheets instead of 264, and toothpaste company Crest downsizing their tubes as well.

Guess we’ll be spending the weekend learning how to make homemade corn chips with an air fryer.