Download Festival UK is going virtual, thank the rock gods

With all music events and festivals being cancelled worldwide thanks to COVID-19, it’s any wonder no one has thought of taking the parties online, much like the rest of the music industry. Well, thank the rock gods because Download Festival UK is doing just that!

The UK 2020 event was a pretty huge one, set to feature the likes of KISS and Iron Maiden, but fans won’t be left completely disappointed as Download TV streams are now set to go live on the original festival dates of June 12-14.

Download Festival UK is one of the biggest rock events each year, and with COVID-19 taking over the world, something had to be done to save the event.

“Pitch your tent and prepare to mosh, we’re bringing Donington to you this Summer!” said the renowned music festival on Twitter.

Not only will the online festival bring you performances, but viewers will also be gifted exclusive interviews and interactive content – something that, let’s face it, you’d never get at the actual festival.

The lineup is soon to be announced and with nothing else going on, the original acts should all be making an appearance (we hope).

The Aussie festivals held in Sydney and Melbourne were set to feature the recently reformed My Chemical Romance, as well as Jimmy Eats World and many more, however, unfortunately there has been no such announcement of an online concert down under.

I suppose streaming the festival won’t be exactly the same, but it means fans worldwide get to take part in the UK event. Plus, you won’t be surrounded by piles of sweaty music lovers and beer drinkers. Is this a pro or a con? We’ll let you decide.

Stay tuned for the lineup coming soon!