Dr. Dre's 'The Chronic' to finally hit streaming platforms on 4/20/2020

Dr. Dre’s ‘The Chronic’ to finally hit streaming platforms on 4/20/2020

April 2020 represents the official month of celebration for stoners everywhere, and it appears to be receiving a fitting soundtrack. The Chronic, the classic 1992 album from Dr. Dre, will be available on all major streaming platforms from the exceptionally appropriate date 4/20/2020 (North American calendar system, we know).

The album has remained highly elusive in the digital format for several years. Even Dr. Dre’s own streaming platform, Beats Music, refrained from including it in its service.


The Chronic by Dr. Dre will be hitting all major streaming platforms on April 20th, giving stoners everywhere another reason to celebrate their not-so-official month for blazing it up.

Thanks to a US$3 billion partnership with Apple Music in 2015, the record was finally available to stream for the first time ever, albeit remaining exclusive to the streaming giant. But now, Entertainment One – who owns the library of releases the record company, Death Row – will be unleashing The Chronic on Spotify and Tidal.

President of Entertainment One, Chris Taylor, expressed his jubilation for the development in a statement:

“Fans now have another reason to celebrate on what has become a national holiday, celebrating all things cannabis-related – where legally allowed and in moderation of course.

“These historic artefacts should be heard by all music lovers and we are so happy Dr. Dre has opened this door so everyone can experience the brilliance of this seminal work.” 

The Chronic recently made the Library of Congress’ list of inductees into the National Recording Registry, reserved for records of immense cultural significance and influence.