Culture Kings uncover Australia’s Top DJ: DJ Romeu

Culture Kings, the lords of fashion, music and sport have just wrapped up the DJ Mix Pro Comp, crowning DJ Romeu as the champion

Culture Kings, the titans of fashion, music, and sport, recently concluded their DJ Mix Pro Comp, crowning DJ Romeu as the undisputed champion.

Known for their influence in streetwear, Culture Kings organised a massive DJ competition open to all genres. From drum ‘n’ bass to ambient vibes, the diverse sounds showcased the brand’s commitment to a wide range of music.

culture kings dj comp

What makes it interesting is that the public had a say in determining the winner. Through votes on Culture Kings’ social media and dedicated platforms, DJ Romeu clinched the title. A hearty congratulations to DJ Romeu for making a mark in the Culture Kings DJ Mix Pro Comp!

This victory not only highlights raw talent but also underscores DJ Romeu’s knack for connecting with listeners.

The Announcement Party, held on Culture Kings’ Brisbane rooftop, provided a fitting backdrop for the festivities. Kate Atkinson, Marketing Director for Culture Kings, expressed enthusiasm for the showcased talent, stating, “We’re impressed with the talent we’ve seen and loved our finalists’ mixes. We’re excited to share DJ Romeu’s sound with the world.”

DJ Romeu, expressing gratitude for the win, shared, “Becoming a DJ was the best way to get my music out there. I love seeing how my music connects people. Winning this competition with limited gear and meeting new people from different cities has been incredible.”

This competition, focusing on Australian underground hip-hop, offers a platform for emerging artists. DJ Romeu’s mixtape, featuring songs with a BPM range of 125-128, aims to get people on the dance floor and spread positive vibes.

This collaboration adds to Culture Kings’ previous ventures with Apple Music and Beats by Dre, solidifying their standing as a go-to destination for street culture enthusiasts.

Kudos to Culture Kings for seamlessly blending music, sport, and fashion, creating a unique atmosphere and shopping experience that’s synonymous with streetwear. If you’ve ever been in-store, you know they’ve nailed it.