Germany’s Jack and the Whitebears loudly claim their place with On Fire

With a view of the alps from their rehearsal room, Jack and the Whitebears curate their energised take on classic rock with On Fire

With their debut album, German rock outfit Jack and the Whitebears take the classic rock baton and roll with it, picking up a slew of genre influences along the way.

Southern rock meets classic rock meets their own unique taste full of tangible excitement, On Fire lives up to its name.

jack and the whitbears new album

Dinosaur (one of the band’s favourites) opens the album and sets the country rock tone with a janky guitar riff and shuffle beat.

With almost a medieval feel, the band exude an uncontainable energy. Setting the scene of a dingy, low-lit bar in the beer soaked corners of the south, Dinosaur feels fit for a hoedown and a few bar fights.

Worlds On Fire brings forth a slower, more classic rock feel. An epic quality to the open riff and the slow moving drums, the vocals take the focus in a fashion reminiscent of Black Sabbath.

Without context, it would be easy to assume On Fire is a relic from the seventies. Bringing back the shuffle, Iron Horse encourages movement.

jack and the whitbear live

Once again fit for the stage in backwoods Tennessee, Jack and the Whitebears transcend both the country and the barrier between the decades.

Abruptly, the vocal takes a turn towards a more Johnny Rotten-esque tone.

It’s not an unwelcome shift, one that is made apparent throughout Roses. A little more sinister and with a tighter sound overall, Roses is less about getting the room to dance and more about setting a mood.

Going Home brings us back to our home base, with lively harmonica and loose guitars. Channeling Motely Crue during its chorus, the track is one of the most nostalgic.

jack and the whitbear

But I Don’t Want and Music Heal Your Soul are two sides of the same coin. Bluesy and thick, each track mirrors the other.

She is a joyous ode to rock bands past. Brimming with energy, it is one of the only love songs on the record.

Closing with Free, the band bring us full circle to their gritty guitar intros and buoyant drum grooves.

On Fire is an album full of passion, joy and excitement. A tone-setting debut for the classic rock lovers.

Listen to On Fire in full below.

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