WATCH: 1300’s ‘Ape Shit’ crank up the volume, go Ape Shit, and keep it simple

Rap collective 1300 smashes genre barriers with their upcoming mixtape, ‘George,’ a fearless fusion of K-Pop, hip hop, gabber, trap, and industrial

Dropping on April 4th, ‘George’ marks a powerful statement, exploring cultural intersections from Australia to South Korea while seamlessly blending rap and club music.

Drawing inspiration from the once-innocent primate, Curious George, the mixtape weaves a poignant narrative of 1300 grappling with the erosion of youth. ‘George,’ much like its namesake, sheds its innocence, symbolising a loss of curiosity.

To mark the big news, 1300 has dropped their latest track from the upcoming mixtape, titled ‘Ape Shit ft. sokodomo.’ Already a hit at their recent gigs, the band’s straightforward advice for fans is, “Crank up the volume, go Ape Shit, and keep it simple.”

The track comes with a high strung new video, shot in Seoul during 1300’s stay, directed by @odd.een, assisted by @easymind with a cameo from sokodomo.

Thematically, it mirrors the anxiety, disconnection, and cultural distortion, reflecting the distinct perspectives of individual band members.

1300’s rako, goyo, DALI HART, Nerdie, and pokari.sweat weave a poignant narrative through acid synth lines, visceral bass, and anthemic choruses.

The mixtape features a stellar ensemble of Korean rap luminaries, including the legendary OG EK, avant-garde rap experimentalist sokodomo, and the dynamic duo odeen & Easymind.

It stands as 1300’s unequivocal statement, blazing a trail for disenchanted youth with aspirations resonating from Seoul to Sydney, London to Busan.

1300 enters 2024 with a string of wins: collaborations with SOLLYY and Kwame, sold-out tours, and placements in League of Legends, NBA2K24, and American Born Chinese.

These genre-bending pioneers defy categorisation, constantly pushing boundaries and unveiling new facets of their boundless artistry.

‘George’ is more than just a mixtape; it’s a sonic adventure across cultural crossroads, a testament to 1300’s audacious spirit and boundless talent. Mark your calendars for April 4th and prepare to go ape—don’t overthink it, just feel the music’s raw power.