Drake joins Nelly Furtado on stage for ‘I’m Like A Bird’ performance

Drake kickstarted his new Canadian concert series with surprise guest, Nelly Furtado. She performed two of her iconic hits alongside him.

On Thursday last week, Drake launched his Canada-based concert series with two very special guest performances by none other than Nelly Furtado. The iconic singer took the stage for the first time in five years, and performed renditions of her legendary tracks, I’m Like A Bird and Promiscuous, along with Drake.

Prior to Nelly taking the stage, Drake addressed his audience with the following adoring message: “I like to deal with people the right way. Because that’s the only way that you can get this next person out of the house to come do what they’re going to do right now.”

Credit: YouTube

He continued, “I don’t care how loud you sang tonight…right now I need you to sing as loud as you possibly can because this right here took a lot…This next person’s music changed my life so much. I love her with all my heart, so when she comes out here you better show her some fucking love, too.”

Watch Drake and Nelly’s performances below: