Sticky Fingers frontman storms off mid-concert in Melbourne

Sticky Fingers frontman, Dylan Frost shook Melbourne fans on Saturday, after punching a mic and storming off stage mid-concert.

Dylan Frost, frontman of Aussie indie rock band, Sticky Fingers confesses that he “lost control” at their Melbourne show on Saturday night. Reportedly, the band were three songs into their set, when Dylan punched his microphone, tossed his guitar and left the stage.

After he was followed off by the remaining band members, fans in the audience waited around for roughly 10 minutes, before a crew member at the venue addressed the crowd, declaring that the final show of Sticky Fingers’ Aussie tour was axed.

Sticky Fingers Dylan Frost
Dylan Frost of Sticky Fingers. Credit: Mark Horton / Getty Images

Fan’s responses to this abrupt cancellation were bittersweet. Some posted messages of support and concern for the welfare of lead signer, Dylan Frost: “These things happen. Stay positive and take care man,” wrote one fan on social media.

Others were enraged and demanded compensation: “So shattered by the cancellation of the show tonight,” posted a fan by the name of Kerri Livesey. “Never thought you guys would do something like that. 4 hours travel for 3 songs. WTAF! So how do we get our money back??”

So what infuriated Dylan Frost to the point of having a live meltdown and cancelling the show? According to reports by the Herald Sun, it was due to technical issues that occured during the performance of their 2019 hit, Not Done Yet.

As per a statement by one audience member, “Dizzas (sic) guitar and microphone kept cutting out and changing volume, going up and down, drums drowned out the whole show and the guitar was almost non existent, he’s trying to do his job with the venue not being adequate enough to hold a concert.”

Credit: Bad Feeling Magazine

Since the whole ordeal went down, Dylan has released a statement, explaining his mindset and apologising to fans: “Hey it’s Dizza here – I’m really sorry for last night in Melbourne. I’ve been working hard on myself and will continue to prioritise my health, but I still let a lot of you down. I want to apologise to the fans and my band, our crew and venue staff.”

He continued, “the tour has been amazing so far and we wanted to end it big but I just didn’t have it last night and I lost control. We’re working on a new date to make it up to everyone or refunds for those who want them and we will let you know plans soon.”