Dress like a Prince: Will Smith launches the Fresh Prince Clothing Line

Have you ever been binge-watching episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and thought, ‘damn Will Smith’s got some fresh wears?’

Fans of the vintage aesthetic will now be able to get a piece of the iconic ’90s look via the new clothing line endorsed by the prince of style himself.

will smith fresh prince clothing line

The Fresh Prince clothing line features 26 items including a reversible paisley sweat-jacket, academy socks and a range of Bel-Air themed tees and hoodies.

Other unique items available from the range include a fresh prince air freshener and a basketball with matching shooting sleeve.

Although there will be no exact replicas of the clothing worn in the show, Smith says the clothing line is tailored to more modern audiences, while retaining elements of the out-there ’90s fashion aesthetic. 

Will Smith, who featured in the ’90s sitcom from 1990-1996, made the announcement on Instagram, featuring clips of the sitcom star sporting some of his favourites from the collection. As discussed during his preview on the Ellen show, the Fresh Prince range will be running for a limited time and fans only have until October 14 to order a piece.

Maybe one day we’ll be lucky enough to see a Genie-themed clothing line based on Will Smith’s character from the recent Aladdin film… 

Check out the full range here.