Drone disguised as hummingbird captures incredible footage of monarch butterfly swarms

A drone disguised as a hummingbird has managed to capture incredible footage of monarch butterfly swarms in all their glory. As is explained in the video, the monarch butterflies are not threatened by hummingbirds which is what allowed this science experiment to be so successful.

Now we have some seriously stunning footage to show for it!


A drone disguised as a hummingbird got up close and personal with breathtaking monarch butterfly swarms – and we have the visuals.

This kind of footage is what gets us science and animal nerds all hot and bothered. The footage is crystal clear and includes multiple perspectives and scales of a swarm of monarch butterflies gathered together to keep warm in the mountains of Mexico.

Published by Nature on PBS the drone manages to capture the butterflies at resting, but also in action as they all take flight once the temperature proves too warm for the butterflies to handle. Even more interestingly, the drone has been specifically designed to move amongst the butterflies without causing any harm with shielded moving parts in which the butterflies are even able to land on the device.

Check out this amazing footage below:

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