Check out this spooky drone footage of American ghost towns

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold, many major American cities have turned into ghost towns with people being encouraged to stay inside.

From Boston to Los-Angeles, drone-users have taken to the skies to capture the bones of the cities whose streets are usually crowded with people. The footage of the emptied cities is shocking but a good reminder of the measures required to slow down the spread of the pandemic and to ease some of the pressure felt by our hospital systems.

Drone videos capture American cities left empty as people are encouraged to practice social distancing and social isolation.

With almost 80 million Americans forced to stay at home, each of these cities has been captured through drone footage looking noticeably bare. Even with such lockdowns put in place, it is more important now than ever to be following isolation guidelines, with America alone reporting over 44,000 cases with around 544 deaths since January 2st.

Check out the drone footage below:

Los Angeles


New York