Drool over this gorgeous record player that fuses a classic analog hi-fi with wireless streaming technology

California-based hi-fi company Wrensilva are at the fore of forward-thinking vinyl technology. Last year they release the ‘Standard One’ console, which integrated Bluetooth technology into a classic analog hi-fi. Now they’ve taken it a step further with the Loft, a classic turntable and analog hi-fi with Sonos functionality for wireless streaming throughout your desired space.

loft record player

Be our guest and drool over this gorgeous record player which features a classic analogue hi-fi combined with modern wireless streaming technology.

This thing is absolutely gorgeous, with classic wooden stylings and a minimal turntable. The company are slating it as a “fresh take on the modern record console.”

The Loft is equipped with a 300 watts per channel Wrensilva amplifier, a “fantastic sounding” turntable, full Sonos functionality meaning it can be connected to as many Sonos speaker as you like, a 3.5mm audio jack, and a set of RCA inputs for anything from an old school tape deck to a digital cable box.

Wrensilva  generally won’t ship outside the States, but sometimes can on special request if you hit them up.

Oh, and another drawback, this thing costs three grand (five with the matching Wrensilva Monitor speakers and welded steel speaker stands, which are fucking beautiful).

If, like us, this is a little out of your price range, then just enjoy some photos of the stunning beast below. Just be sure to pick your jaw up from the floor after you’re done.

Wrensilva loftWrensilva loftWrensilva loftWrensilva loftWrensilva loftWrensilva loft