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Check out this new doco ‘DRUMS’ from Lauten Audio and Download the Audio

Legends in the microphone game, Lauten Audio, has made a doco called ‘DRUMS’ featuring 10x Grammy-Award-Winning Engineer Darrell Thorp (Foo Fighters/ Beck) and acclaimed drummer and music producer Joey Waronker (Beck/Elliott Smith).

Shot in Dave Grohl’s Studio 606, this new in-depth documentary explores the art of people, percussion, and prolific sound using a selection of Lauten Audio microphones and a personal, and unassuming Pearl drum set owned by Joey Waronker — and you can download the Pro Tools session.

It’s not a how-to video, but more of a discussion of sound, philosophy and ideals about setting up to record a drum kit for a body of work. Both Darrell Thorp and Joey Waronker know the record-making process well as they have countless years of experience behind both of them. Check it out below.

The 1 hour and 15 min video is a drum and recording inspiration that hopefully opens your eyes to the stunning collection of mics that Lauten Audio have to offer. The mics used in the session are:

LA-120 V2 —Hi Hat / Snare Bottom
LA-220 V2 —Stereo Overheads
LA-320 V2 —Stereo Drum Room
LS-208 —Kick in / Snare Top
LS-308 —Toms
Clarion FC-357 —Kick Out
Atlantis FC-387 —Mono Room
Eden LT-386 —Mono Overhead

As well as all this incredible info, that’s like peering behind the curtain, you can download the Pro Tools session files from ‘DRUMS’ here — https://www.lautenaudio.com/drums

Surely you’ll learn something magical from these two legends. Check out Lauten Audio microphones on their site: Lautenaudio.com