Layered, transparent human forms: Dustin Yellin’s 3D collage art has our heads spinning

His art has been described as window sandwiches by some, but a better way to describe New York based artist Dustin Yellin’s work is three dimensional worlds encased in a cocoon of glass to replicate the human form. Confused? So were we.

In this case it’s often better to watch and learn.

dustin yellin

Dustin Yellin’s work is largely done alongside The New York Ballet and the pieces look to imitate the movements of the dancers, all whilst using materials that speak to New Yorks streets.

On his latest endeavour, Yellin comments; “[the artwork is] 3,000-pound microscope slides with humans trapped inside but the humans are made up of cut-up books and magazines, art history books, encyclopaedias, trash I find in the street…I’m all about interdisciplinary thought, so to be able to bring sculpture into the arena of dance… the fact that those things are happening simultaneously is very special for me.”

While the New York Ballet obviously can’t get enough of the Brooklyn creative, he is in no way restricted to that commission. With his own personal projects, there is no end to the wonder this man can create. Check out a bunch of his other work below:

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