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Earthquaker Devices unveils the Astral Destiny reverb

Earthquaker Devices can’t help but do things a little differently. Case in point: the new and galactically diverse Astral Destiny reverb pedal.

Akron’s finest, Earthquaker Devices, has launched the Astral Destiny reverb. Keeping true to the traditions of the company, this is no conventional interpretation of ambience.

Subtitled an ‘Octal Octave Reverberation Odyssey’, eight is definitely the magic number here. Eight reverb modes, eight editable presets, plus the ability to dive down, or leap up eight notes, otherwise known as an octave.

Earthquaker Devices Astral Destiny
Photo: Russo Music YouTube

For a compact stompbox, the Astral Destiny reverb is commendably deep. Key to understanding its multitude of characters is the Mode dial. Abyss sounds just like you would expect — epic; Shimmer adds an upper octave to the reverb tail, while Sub adds a lower octave; Sub Shimmer gives you the best of both worlds, both upper and lower octaves.

Astral provides upper and lower octaves with a regenerating tail; Ascend and Descend offers upward and downward pitch-bending respectively; Cosmos incorporates a regenerating fifth to reverb tail.

There’s an octet of presets that ship with the pedal, but don’t worry, you can rewrite and save your own patches in these slots. And it wouldn’t be an Earthquaker Device without modulation capability, which comes in the form of a chorus that’s controlled by the Depth and Rate knobs.

For further details, visit Earthquaker Devices.