Echo Adore’s debut single is a majestic, uplifting, exploration of death

Tackling the eternal question with elegance and grace, Echo Adore are deftly reaching out for substance in the unknown.

The result of struggling with the death of a close friend and the transience of existence is Caught In History, a stunning video for a stunning song.

Echo AdoreEcho Adore bring you their unique take on gloom pop in debut single Caught In History, a gorgeous acceptance of the fleeting nature of humanity.

Echo Adore are a two piece consisting of Damien Diggs and Oliver James who have spent the better part of five years crafting their own flavour of gloom-pop and melancholy rock drawing likenes to The Church, Ice House and Depeche Mode. Caught In History is the culmination of half a decade of experimentation and it absolutely doest no disappoint.

After the death of a close friend the duo probed the depth of their loss and the result is a stunning, layered acquiescence with the fleeting nature of life.

Drenched in a monochromatic smog the film clip for Caught In History, co-produced by Daniel Craig (Matsu Photography), creates an ethereal sense of weightlessness. The rippling sheets and silhouettes elevated by the heavenly falsettos and forlorn guitar riffs. It’s a song of searching and revelation, and thus the film clip is a majestic celebration of both.

Check out the brilliant video below:

 The character portrayed in the song is attempting to come to terms with the impermanence of the experiences we attach ourselves to throughout our lives. In a world that appears to be becoming increasingly egocentric with the advancement of technology, people forget to live in the moment which is ever so fleeting.

With such elegant lyrics and a chorus as sticky as honey it’s easy to imagine Caught In History absolutely rocking a festival main stage, and that’s exactly where we see Echo Adore heading. The only issue is that you will be left thinking, “Is it over so soon?”, which is genuinely rare for a song with a four minute time stamp.

We mean it when we say keen an eye on these intelligent talents, Echo Adore are on the rise!