Edgecliff put a modern twist on stadium rock with their debut ‘Waitless’

Edgecliff has jumped into the music scene headfirst with a riveting debut single. Waitless is bursting with energy and presence.

Edgecliff is the latest upcoming band from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, but you’ll be hearing their hard-rock-goodness all around Sydney venues in no time. They recently sold out their Waitless single launch show at the North Curl Surf Club, and after listening to Waitless, it’s easy to see why.

Let’s talk about the band, their influences, and the exciting release.


Edgecliff is made up of 5 mates with a passion for original music and stadium rock. There’s Will Howell on lead vocals and lead guitar, Kai Stackhouse chugging the bass, Jesse Calabrese on rhythm guitar, Nick Murace commandeering keys, and Jacob Lock backing the drums. They all happen to be singers as well, which is a huge bonus that cannot be understated.

The 5-piece wear their influences on their sleeve because they’re nothing to be ashamed of. They’re fans of The Beatles, Powderfinger, Wolfmother and Black Sabbath, and it forms the basis on their appeal. However, the boys are far from old-school purists. Edgecliff’s goal is to craft old school rock anthems with modern appeal, and that’s exactly what they’ve achieved on the debut.


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Waitless kicks off with an entrancing bass riff and suspenseful on-the-beat toms. Then, some cymbals give way to shimmering electrics, and you’re hooked. Howell’s vocals howl with confidence and swagger, with wide-mouthed timbre similar to Billie Joe Armstrong’s (Green Day): “I can’t come back downnnn!” – Howell extends the melody with complete self-awareness that it kicks ass.

“The lyrics are quite abstract, but when writing the song, we visualised a cowboy riding a horse in some extraterrestrial landscape to this song” the band comments. Though the lyrics are outer-worldly, the vibe this belter of a track gives off is obvious. The playful call and response vocals, advancing drums, and grainy guitar solo all beckon a crowd to sing, dance, and get loose.

With such a polished debut and a distinctive brand of music on their hands, Edgecliff is a name to remember and repeatedly blast when you’re on aux cord duties.

Listen to Waitless below: