‘EPIPHANY’ album from BreAnna gorgeously gels pop, indie, and R&B

The Epiphany album from BreAnna mixes R&B, warm pop vocals, and inspired electric guitars for an immersive listening experience.

It didn’t take long for BreAnna to capture my interest. From the get-go of the Epiphany mixtape/album, the lush production, colourful guitar work, and angelic, Ariana Grande-Esque vocals made for an engaging journey. Start to finish.

Let’s dive into the tracklist, as well as BreAnna’s intriguing history with music.


BreAnna was born in Alabama and found her voice singing in church, like countless other singers with southern roots. She also began modelling, which ended up sparking her interest in the stage. Naturally, she began picking up piano and guitar and joining countless musical theatre and dance programs.

Flash forward a few years, and BreAnna’s been just as busy! The artist released an EP with her first band, danced professionally, and toured the world as a cruise-ship vocalist. With all this preparation and experience on hand, BreAnna took the leap and moved to LA, California, where she’s making music to this day. She describes her Epiphany mixtape as “an opened letter to anyone trying to find the cheat codes to this ugly yet beautiful and rewarding game called life”. Let’s hit play.


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Opener Wanna B rides along with a melancholic chord progression, as BreAnna dips in and out of falsetto with ease, delivering her thoughts convincingly. “Hard for me to say just what I’m feeling. Words without a melody they have no meaning”. Music is BreAnna’s solace, but it’s also an absolute treat to listen to.

Standout track Mad@Me is a masterclass in production and hook-fueled songwriting. She pairs an angsty electric guitar with a trap beat, singing catchy melody after catchy melody. The harmonies on “The parties over now” hook is the most sonically pleasing moment on the entire project.

Another memorable track is the single (and self-titled) Epiphany, which was released last year right before the lockdown. With a groovy bassline, bouncy synth, and joyous backing vocals, it’s a track full of liberating goodness destined to turn around your rainy days. Closer First Luv is pop-princess meets EDM, meets The 1975. The end result is an irresistible track with songwriting worthy of stellar production. If this mixtape is any indication of BreAnna’s future in the music industry, we have complete faith she’ll be packing out venues in no time.

Listen to the Epiphany mixtape below, or stream on Soundcloud here.