Edinburgh residents are complaining that silent discos are too noisy

“Silent discos are not silent”, claims Edinburgh city councillor Jo Mowatt, while complaining that un-amplified music events are disturbing the peace.

“There is a lot of whooping and screaming, especially when you have 40 women on a hen party… There is also the safety aspect, as who is going to have to step in the road due to the groups taking up the pavements?”

silent disco silent discos edinburgh
Photo: Silent Groove

Edinburgh residents and councillors are up in arms about noisy, noisy silent discos. Peace and quiet must be maintained, lest they descend into chaos.

Silent discos, a form of party where music is broadcast to dancers’ headphones rather than through a sound system, have been operating since the early ’90s. A somewhat kitsch alternative to a conventional ‘loud’ disco, this does however see large groups of people singing in unison – no doubt the work of the devil.

Edinburgh has, according to reports, recently seen an uptake in silent disco walking tours throughout the city. According to Resident Advisor, despite their hard and fast stance on this ungodly form of partying, the council is planning a three-day silent disco this coming New Years Eve.

We suggest that the residents of Edinburgh drown out the revellers with a good pair of headphones and some choice music until an agreement is reached.

Via Resident Advisor.