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Egg Records finds the joy for every vinyl explorer

Egg Records is one of Newtown’s age old record stores. Not everybody gets the whole vinyl thing. Scan reviews of record stores online and it’s mostly just people giving their two cents and asking a very rhetorical “How can they make money/why do they bother?” If you’re reading this then I’m guessing you know why. As Baz Scott, owner of Egg Records said “There’s something about the ‘whole package’ of a record that can’t be matched by listening to music in other formats”. Aside from the nostalgia and the tactile nature of vinyl there’s a joy of finding something long thought missing; a vinyl collector is a modern explorer.

Egg Records

For a record store with an enviable vinyl collection and a proud community spirit you can’t go past Egg Records.

Egg Records are big on the community ethos. They are out in full force at every record fair in the country, with another venue in Brisbane, and from this have built a solid grass roots following. Not only do they service the community, they also buy from it. Truly a for-the-people-by-the-people vibe. On occasion they will go to distant lands to bring back rare and exciting finds. Baz is currently trawling the record basements of Japan, returning in time for the Glebe Record Fair on the 11th of April (the last one had over 100 000 records to peruse).

Records are incredible objects. Without the possibility of downloads they appeal to artists, and with value deterioration slow, if at all, they’re a win for fans too. They’re made like crepes, except far more delicate in nature. There is a unique quality to their sound, a soft crackle and pop. Letting the needle fall where it will is a skill as much as a life lesson- listening to records teaches an appreciation for albums as a whole. Not to mention the amazing cover art. Due to the use of needles and the delicate nature of their construction, records need to be kept in good condition. A milk crate is a great way to do this (really, who doesn’t love the grunge look?) Egg Records has a super easy grading system to classify their products, transparent for the buyer and seller- check it out if you want to know where your collection stands. If you don’t have one now is the time to start, with the next Record Store Day on April 18!

Egg is an awesome place. With a huge repertoire of record knowledge, it’s not just for record collectors. Its a treasure-trove of Beatles paraphernalia, sci-fi and other delights. Anyone can wander in and start a conversation about what kind of music they know and where they think they want to head. It’s not just the staff’s job, it’s their passion. After all, they had the coolest line up of live bands playing during international Record Day last year. Vinyl collections are a statement of identity and taste, as music is at large. Rather then being plugged into identical iPods and-let’s-not-make-eye-contact, some people want to show off what they’re listening to, compliment, connect and argue with each other, ultimately learning more about the artists, the albums and themselves.




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March 11, 2015