Pepa Knight releases his sitar wielding video for Coyote Choir

Is he Australia’s answer to Ravi Shankar, or perhaps George Harrison? Chances are Cameron ‘Pepa’ Knight would humbly disagree, but you have to admit the man is doing wonders bringing sitar music into the broader Aussie music scene. Pepa Knight has only one EP under his belt, but it can’t be denied that his sitar music combined with more psychedelic elements has wielded some truly impressive results, and that certainly carries over to his fresh video for Coyote Choir.

Pepa Knight

Tipi jam master Pepa Knight blends sitar, old school psychedelic imagery and the desert for his Coyote Choir video. The dreamy clip is a joyous triumph.

In the last year Pepa Knight has been mighty busy crafting and perfecting what he calls ‘tipi jam’ music. We’ve written about this guy several times and we’re still not completely sure what it is, but it sure sounds pretty darn mesmerising. Not too long ago we were treated to the Cavaliers of Fun remix of Coyote Choir, and now we finally get the video for the original.

The Coyote Choir video was shot in New Zealand and in the Australian desert, because as everybody knows, all good music videos are shot in the desert. Directed, filmed & edited by lord Kristofski and shot on 8mm film, the clip has a very unique feel to it which suitably matches the distinct vibe of Pepa Knight. Opening with the slow ringing of the sitar and gentle pats of drums the clip opens on Pepa, sitting solitary in the sand, sitar in hand.* The grainy, worn out aesthetic of the film adds a nostalgic quality to the clip. This is of course accentuated by Knight’s dreamy, reverberated vocals that makes you want to close your eyes and just float away.

The psychedelic elements come out in full force as the clip reaches it’s first chorus, the old school animation slightly familiar to The Beatles’ Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds clip. The sun flare, the swirling colours, and images of Knight super-imposed on a mountain add to the dream-like impression the clip imposes on the viewer. Are you actually watching a film, or is this an exclusive peak into the subconscious of one man’s adventurous mind?

As the drums crash through the final chorus there is a feeling of triumphant joy. Indeed, this song is about coming together with people, whether they be dear loved ones or complete strangers, and creating something beautiful. Fears and anxieties are overwhelming things we all face, but as the guy sings on the track “This will get better in time, we will get better in time”, and the video for Coyote Choir establishes that sentiment nicely.

*Rhyming is fun!



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