Software turns ‘Elder Scrolls: Skyrim’ skeleton into the real thing!

Facial reconstruction scientist applies the software to Elder Scrolls: Skyrim skeleton to accomplish shocking results, acknowledged by developers!

While taking some time off from being a scientist, Twitter user Sulkalmakh has used what we’re guessing is some expensive facial reconstruction software on a skeleton’s skull. Not just any skeleton, one from Skyrim.

Sulkalmakh is part of the Ancestral Whispers, “a team of creators, artists, researchers, people from all walks of life who have decided to unite in order to create a project centered around our passions, while simultaneously offering our services to everyone who shares our interest and curiosity in the worlds of the ancients” according to their website.

Sulkalmakh hid the image post on Twitter among several reconstructions performed on actual skulls. The specific Skyrim skull belongs to “an ancient Atmoran from Saarthal, dated to the late Merethic Era.

The funniest thing about the tweet is that it was posted among the others like it was a real thing, hence why it took a bit to be found.

After the image started to gain momentum on the internet, Jonah Lobe, the actual developer from Bethesda that designed the skeletons, celebrated the work.

In a comment on the post, Jonah said: “Ha! I literally designed the skeletons from Skyrim – you did an AWESOME JOB with the reconstruction.

They continued: “I wanted them to look thuggish, thick-jawed, thick-browed and sort of Neanderthal-like. This is THAT.

Skyrim skeleton
Image: Skyrim skeleton / Bethesda

In Skyrim lore, the Atmoran are an ancient race of man from the continent of Atmora. From the Elder Scrolls fandom page, “They are considered the progenitors of the Nords and subsequently the Imperials, Bretons, and possibly the Nedes, after a large group of them settled in northern Tamriel and founded the earliest known human city of Saarthal.

In the comments, Jonah was quickly asked if he was working on the next Elder Scrolls game and if there was any information they could share on the game. He said nothing, which is expected.

What would you pick if you had to apply this technology to another video game skeleton? Let us know!