Electronic Music Conference joins forces with Discogs for a Sydney vinyl fair

The world’s foremost database, marketplace and community for music, Discogs, is setting up shop at The Factory Theatre in Marrickville on the 16th of November, in association with the Electronic Music Conference.

The event will be free entry and features a packed bill of speakers and spinners from 10am to 6pm, as well as a variety of stalls by independent sellers satisfying the needs of all local vinyl junkies.

Discogs and the Electronic Music Conference are hosting a vinyl record fair at The Factory Theatre on the 16th of November.

Selectors will be the likes of Aroha, Daniel Lupica, Merph, Sampology, Simon Caldwell and Toni Yotzi. They’ll be spinning records purchased from the vendors at the fair, exclusively, to make for one-of-a-kind electronic sets which will then be followed by brief Q&As.

The Electronic Music Conference is annual Sydney-based event purposed for networking, panel discussions, workshops and masterclasses in the realm of electronic music. It’s a perfect haven for any artist in the music community looking to meet other obsessives, professional tastemakers and industry giants, swapping wisdoms and wax with a drink in hand.

To find more information about this incredible fair, you can head here. If you or your mates are looking to part ways with some of your wax and you’re interested in setting up a stall at the fair, inquire here.


Sat 16 Nov – The Factory Theatre, Marrickville – Details