Elias Bendix serves up a slice of funk-pop brilliance on his new single

On his latest single, Elias Bendix ushers us into a ’70s groovescape where authenticity is encouraged and vulnerability is cherished.

Elias Bendix is back with a smooth and sexy new single for those perfect summer vibes.

We Can’t Be No One But Us is a groovy, bass-driven track that is sure to get your hips moving and your ass shaking.

Elias Hendrix

Bendix is well known for his funky melodies and soulful choruses that just flow like silk. We Can’t Be No One But Us brings a bit more of a pop feel into the mix, but makes sure to blend in bites of disco and funk in the process.

What audiences are left with is a certified groover that hits from the moment it begins. Lyrically, the Danish and French guitarist sings of authenticity and the importance of embracing yourself for who you are.


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“We can all relate to getting up in the morning with crazy hair and tired eyes. It’s not a perfect picture, but we must practise seeing the perfect in the imperfect,” the artist’s bio reads. “The beginning of Elias Bendix’ new video is a picture of how he is killing all fakeness to be 100% honest while accepting the beauty of it.”

Do yourselves a favour and dive into this fantastic new release below: