Elijah Delgado reveals the “songs I’d play pickleball to if I played pickleball”

Elijah Delgado delivered a slice of indie-rock euphoria with Pipe Dream, an introspective gem that served as his first single of 2023. 

Brimming with lush instrumentation and anchored by a clear capacity for authentic storytelling, Pipe Dream pairs thoughtful lyricism with catchy pop flairs, outlining a promising future for the Austin artist in all his unabashed vulnerability. 

“I just hope listeners feel something when they hear my music,” Delgado said in an exclusive interview with Happy Mag. “Joy, sadness, self-reflection [and] excitement.”

Elijah Delgado

It’s a list of emotions that Delgado’s music has no trouble eliciting, and as he proves below, one he also finds littered throughout his go-to pickleball playlist. 

Spanning punk rock to ‘90s R&b, Delgado’s list of songs are the perfect accompaniment to the fast-paced paddle sport, made all the more intriguing by the fact that he’s “only ever played Pickleball once and [doesn’t] have any plans to play again.”

Catch Elijah Delgado’s ultimate pickleball playlist below, and scroll down to listen to his new single Pipe Dream.  

Welcome to my playlist of songs that I’d put on in a tense match of Pickleball. I’ve only ever played Pickleball once, and don’t have any plans to play again at the moment, but if I ever get that phone call to play a match, these are the 10 songs I’d queue. 

Ranging from Punk to 90’s R&B! Some I’ve loved since I was a wee lad, and some recent discoveries. This list is for you dirty Pickleball lovers, and anyone in between. Queue these songs for your next game of Pickleball, or when you’re folding your laundry.

Many Times – Dijon

I’m Scum– Idles 

Trojans – Atlas Genius 

Anagram – Young The Giant

Hospital – Madison Cunningham 

What’s The Use – Mac Miller

Set To Attack – Albert Hammond Jr

Girlfriend – Phoenix 

So Into You – Tamia 

Can I Sit Next To You – Spoon