Elon Musk Tweets, “I’m buying Manchester United” and sparks big debate

Elon Musk’s viral “joke” Tweet about “buying Manchester United” sparked a heated debate about the club’s future.

Hot on the heels of the whole Twitter debacle, Elon Musk once again declares he’s going to buy something that he actually isn’t…this time, it’s one of the world’s largest football clubs, Manchester United. Just yesterday, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO went viral for Tweeting, “I’m buying Manchester United ur welcome.” 

This was met with a flurry of responses, taking a dig at the business mogul for saying the same thing about Twitter and not following through: “That’s what you said about Twitter,” wrote one person.

Elon Musk
Credit: Evan Agostini / Associated Press

Another added, If @elonmusk really is buying @ManUtd, he will get 1.1bn followers for $2bn. That beats buying Twitter in terms of $ for global reach.”

Following the post’s wide circulation, Elon Musk made yet another Tweet, clarifying that as per usual, he was just being an absolute troll: “No, this is a long-running joke on Twitter,” he explained. “I’m not buying any sports teams.”

Not only did Musk’s Tweet spark wide debate about the struggling UK footie club, but shares of Manchester United also reportedly rose for a brief period, by up to 17 percent in premarket trading on Wednesday (August 17).