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Elstow vibes on the hazy ’60s and chaotic ’90s in nostalgic new offering Night & Day

elstow night & day

Melodic psych-folk quintet Elstow have returned with yet another crowd pleaser, a vivid and washy new track that’s the perfect balance of suspicion, doubt and an intangible sense of chaos.

Night & Day is a harmonic, rhythmically-driven offering from Elstow, blending dreamy pysch-rock elements with a growing sense of disarray. Drawing from the sonic nostalgia of the ’60s, ’70s and ’90s, Elstow certainly portrays a mixed bag, with each new release preceding expectations of the last.

elstow night & day

Elstow’s latest offering Night & Day is a clear stand-out track, blossoming with low-fi vibes, twangy guitar and a punchy percussion that oozes with charisma.

Channeling Tame Impala, Night & Day welcomes you with a groovy bassline and warm, boomy drums that support an elaborate sense of disorder, the overarching feeling to the song. Shaw’s vocals take on an element all of their own, emitting an other-wordly feel through reflective, floaty lyrics that wash through the song like a hazy dream.

Of the new track, Shaw says that, “sometimes it feels like there’s more than just one version of myself, like there’s a distinct part of me that sits at odds with the whole.”

It’s probably just a way of making sense of behaviour that’s out of character… trying to distance myself from my own shadow.”

For a track that’s full of character musically, it’s a job well done to also incorporate a theme that resonates so well. There’s a lot happening in Night & Day, however each elements seems to compliment the next and it’s a song that is instantly likeable.

Co-produced by Darragh Nolan of Ireland’s Asta Kalapa Studios and mastered by New Zealand’s Andrew Davenport at Edgeworth Studios, the psych-pop infused track is just an example of Elstow’s continually evolving talent, which each song showcasing a new infusion of yesteryear’s greatest moments.


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November 10, 2017