Rough, raunchy and as ragged as your ’93 Commodore, Mini Skirt are pub rock at its peak

Mini Skirt is like your mate’s homebrew. It’s a little rough, but it’s honest and made with passion, so you love every drop of it.

Raw, punchy and aggressive, Mini Skirt capture what they call ‘Australian Renaissance’ perfectly. They pay homage to the pub-rock era with their crunchy guitars and raw vocals. It’s not so much the music that grabs my attention though, it’s the voice, and the vivid conviction that shines through in their lyrics.

mini skirt dying majority Luke Henery
Photo by Luke Henery

Rough as guts and not afraid to broadcast it, Mini Skirt are easily one of the freshest new outputs in reckless Aussie rock.

To get an idea of what I mean, have a listen to their recent single Dying Majority which attracted attention on triple j for its potent storytelling. It’s poignant and relatable in its attack on racism and how easy it can be to remain silent instead of speaking out. There’s no point watering down what’s already a concentrated dose of truth, so I’ll let the lyrics speak for themselves:

“I accept defeat as I stand at a urinal, next to a racist who follows the same team as I do, and sadly I’m the minority. It’s easier to pretend that I blend in, which is piss weak and fucking embarrassing.”

When we asked them if they have ever run into any issues playing for the exact punters they are yarning about, Mini Skirt said that if they offend anyone, it’s “probably a good thing” because “some people will never know they’re assholes unless you tell em they’re assholes.”

Seeing some conviction in Aussie music always brings a tear to my eye socket. Go, you good thing.

Mini Skirt are much-deserved finalists in the VB Hard Yards competition and will shortly be busting their chops alongside legendary rockdogs Cosmic Psychos. This is no surprise to me, with such a high level of ‘Straya punk rupturing my ears (and hopefully yours too) I can only expect more success for these guys.

Mini Skirt seem ready for the gig with the Psychos, and in a true pub rock spirit plan to “out drink em… or out play em but we all know that ain’t gonna happen… Guess we’re fucked, chuck us a beer!”

The origins of Mini Skirt elude me, but I can imagine the three-piece was conceived in some dank shed roasting under the Byron Bay sun. Speaking of the heat, their live shows can get a little raunchy. They told us their worst gig was playing at a mate’s house when everyone got naked, and a guitar ended up being super-glued to somebody’s chest.

Apparently a video of this event exists, but here’s hoping they re-create it next week at the Lansdowne instead. I think they could take their sound to the next level if they incorporate some cock-rock too. Just an idea boys, but keep the super glue to a minimum, that’s unless you plan on sticking yourself to the stage. In that case, be my guest.

It’s no small honour to be invited by VB to play your tunes. It’s called the Very Best for a reason, and the boys are well aware, saying “our mothers always knew we’d make it big.”

If you haven’t got the idea already, check these dudes out. If you like the UK band Wire, you’ll love their Australian equivalent.


VB Hard Yards is taking place on November 22nd at The Lansdowne in Sydney. We’re giving away some cheeky double passes, head here to get in the running.