Behind Closed Doors: Emily Jane runs us through her confronting debut EP

Singer songwriter Emily Jane has just dropped her debut EP Behind Closed Doors, a collection of three extraordinarily personal songs confronting the realities of violent relationships.

The EP promotes open conversation around these tender topics, so we asked Emily to take the mic for a little longer. From the artist herself, here’s a track-by-track rundown through Behind Closed Doors.

Emily Jane Behind Closed Doors EP

“The purpose of Behind Closed Doors is essentially to start a conversation around openly speaking out about violent relationships and encourage people to unashamedly speak out and share their story.”

Behind Closed Doors

For me, this song is the most personal that I have written. It documents the collateral mess of emotions I was feeling when I was not quite in but not yet quite out of my abusive relationship. I wanted the lyrics and overall production mood to express a haze-like entanglement of love, grief, anger, subversiveness and everything in between.

I feel survivor songs don’t really help victims of similar situations relate as I find you don’t feel like you’ve survived something all the time. I wanted the song to be an honest representation in case someone who needs it might hear it and be reminded that the way they feel is okay.

Until Then

Until Then is a simple song reflecting on how we isolate ourselves and different coping methods implemented to deal with these situations. I use the line “Me and myself” repeatedly to depict this whole sense of isolation.

I envisioned the same style of production as I did for Behind Closed Doors, however this track intentionally didn’t have harmonies as I wanted the vocal to stay completely isolated, with all the dream-like sounds coming from the instrumentation.


Scintilla took a much different approach for me as I moved away from my acoustic guitar and onto my electric. This track was written about the subversive position of being completely devoted to someone who you feel only looks at you as an accessory, rather than someone they value. Essentially, it’s about wanting more.


Behind Closed Doors is out now. Catch Emily Jane live on either of the dates below:

June 15th – Night Quater, Gold Coast – Details
July 20th – Queen Street Mall, Brisbane – Details