Emma Elisabeth goes grandiose and melodious on single ‘Lovers’

Emma Elisabeth wears sadness like a crown on the soaring, electronic pop banger, Lovers.

The Sweden born, Berlin-raised Emma Elisabeth looks (and sounds) like she’s on her way to perform at a ’70s concert hall. It’s probably a subconscious element of the appeal.

Her dramatic song manages to sound heroic and broken all at once, exploring the deepest of emotions most of us tuck away or spend our lives running from. Lovers, her latest indie-pop gem, showcases a vocal performance so huge it could blow a house down.

A bellowing drum leads us into the intimate soundscape of Lovers, as Elisabeth sets the love-drenched scene, “Hold me, closely, kiss me quickly, before these shackles break my wrists, babe”. Uh oh, this can’t end well.

A synth drone keeps us grounded while harmonies, reverb electrics, and slide guitar, all race for the sky.

Then, the chorus hits in a brilliant moment of tension and release.

“We were lovers on the backseat”, the artist reminiscences, as a choir of backing vocals join the love-torn rally.


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“It kinda explores how epic yet fragile a relationship can be. If something feels great and carefree at the moment, enjoy it. At some point, that rush will start fading, and you might see things in a different light”, she comments.

It’s a lesson that can only be learnt from experience, and I’m pleased to confirm that Elisabeth sings it with the conviction and power it deserves.

A funny side note on that vocal performance, actually. The singer twisted her knee after a bike fall, “so maybe that’s how the vocals got this extra layer of pain”. Don’t worry – it paid off.

If you’re a lover of pulsing pop anthems that you can dance and cry to at the same time, give Emma Elisabeth the time of day. You won’t regret it.

Listen to Lovers below: