Emperors – Automatic Sigh

Powerful and absolute rulers are what comes to mind when the word Emperor is mentioned* and while Perth indie rock outfit, Emperors aren’t yet ruling the world their 90s influenced rock sure is powerful, unless of course if you are deaf or are currently wearing ear plugs. The three-piece rockers, currently without a publicised drummer, are determined to make the world listen, even if they are forced to play their high voltage instruments at maximum volume to allow them to conquer. These Emperors, born in 2010 have recently dropped new song Automatic Sigh the abrasive yet catchy single off their sophomore album Chupacabra.


Automatic Sigh is Emperors’ fantastic introduction to their sophomore release Chupacabra. Big guitars and great vocal interplay shows we’re in for one hell of an awesome album.

Interestingly enough, Chupacabra is Spanish for goat-sucker and refers to a relatively recent cryptid that has been spotted many times in the Americas over the last twenty years. The animal is reported to attack and drink the blood of various animals, especially goats. Is there something you want to tell us?

Automatic Sigh, features a fanciful interplay between Adam Livingston’s lead vocals and empress/bassist, Zoe Worrall-James’s angelic backing vocals. The guitars also pack a huge punch to the song with Adam and guitarist Greg Sanders pumping out some loud and raunchy guitar licks with a bitchin’ little solo for good measure. Emperors also released the single Shooting From The Bell Tower six months ago in July which featured a slightly more emo feel to it than their usual upbeat sounds. It is reminiscent of the sounds found on Weezer’s Pinkerton album without being too personal.

Emperors have been rather quiet after completing their Shooting From The Bell Tower tour earlier in 2014. Perhaps Fraser, the band’s drummer during the aforementioned tour is no longer playing with the band or maybe Emperors have been working damn hard on perfecting an album that is going to blow your ear holes. Chupacabra seems like a step in the right direction for a band that already have a solid foundation, including high rotation on US college radio and destroying drum kits at a New York venue in 2013 on the back of the power pop-rock debut album, Stay Frosty released in 2012 building on the band’s early success which included a WAMI award for Most Promising New Act in 2010 as well as Triple J Unearthed accolades.

All is all with a stable line-up 2015 could be a very good year for this bunch of Emperors that could and hopefully will deliver another big album with a big tour to match. Emperors’ new sophomore album Chupacabra is out February 20 on band member Greg Sanders’ own record label, Gun Fever.

*Ed also stupid old naked dudes



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