Endless Valley navigate consciousness on their new single ‘Oneiric’

On their latest single, Endless Valley go where no band has gone before: the human psyche.

Endless Valley are back with yet another spiritual gem, Oneiric.

Navigating with the concept of dreams and the space that they can create in our reality, the Brisbane psych-rock outfit have spun a bass-driven ode to consciousness that morphs and cascades through textured sonic hues.

endless valley

The video for Oneiric follows an experience that many will find relatable: finding enlightenment while dreaming. We follow our protagonist who, disillusioned with his brazen city life, comes to find solace in nature after receiving signals from his subconscious.

The clip is accompanied by a swirling, kaleidoscopic sonic landscape that ebbs and flows in perfect tandem with the visuals. With each resolution our protagonist makes, another texture or sonic hue is embellished onto the song.


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Audiences are then left with a living, breathing psych-rock atmosphere that can’t be turned away from.

“Oneiric: of, relating to or suggestive of dreams,” the band explain. “Why do we dream? This remains one of life’s unsolved mysteries. Oneiric invites us to delve deep into the mystical messages our own subconscious delivers to us when we lay our heads to rest. These dreams visit us as guides to a life of clarity so we may overcome our vices and addictions. When we reflect on our dreams we connect with them allowing our waking life to blossom into something beautiful.”

Dive into this spectacular release below:

Endless Valley – Oneiric – (official music video) from Endless Valley on Vimeo.