PREMIERE: Endless Valley usher you into a psychedelic oasis on ‘Biophilia’

On their latest single, Endless Valley usher you into a psychedelic-carved haven of balance and tranquillity. Vast, formidable, and utterly beautiful; welcome to the world of Nayivada.

Endless Valley have such a rich understanding of our world. Their unparalleled talent for casting the crust of our environment within lush gardens of melody is one that you can’t turn away from, allowing each texture and shape to shine through with crystal clarity.

Each of their tracks is lavish in its symbolism but utterly raw in its intent. It is music meant to reconnect you with the world around you, a sojourn to slow you when the superficiality of life becomes overwhelming. All you have to do is look to their latest single for proof. Biophilia is as sensory as it is hypnotic, ushering you on a journey through eclectic progressive melodies into the world of Nayivada: the band’s oasis. Charming, layered, and utterly captivating, Biophilia is a track ready to shift the face of contemporary psychedelia.

endless valley Biophilia

From the moment it begins, Biophilia unravels across whichever space it is played in. Tides of psychedelic riffs, tribal vocal rhythms, and ethereal poems of exposition bring dimension to the track, outlining each knotted tree, every brooding valley, and each misty horizon that can be seen.

To Endless Valley, sound is a landscape and melody is all its spiritual characteristics. Within its swirling bass line, the band visualise the depth of the oceans and the richness of our earth with remarkable clarity. With each sweltering guitar riff comes a burst of sunlight through the water’s surface, beaming down through dense gardens of harmony. An exquisite layering of rhythm, vocals, and healing energies, the universe conjured by Biophilia is as textural and vivid as the world around you.

“’Biophilia’ is a call to the fantastical land of Nayivada, a land found in the core of the sun,” joint lead vocalist Leo Hooker explains. “This world is brimming with magic. It is host to a natural beauty beyond compare, which the people revere and worship. It is here that acceptance of all and the freedom to live and love and express reign. In this place, Nayivada, an ideal Earth can be obtained if we only open our minds, live in alliance with our hearts and show love to our fellow man.”

Finish with soft beckonings of melody and the faint twitter of songbirds, audiences arrive completely immersed in Nayivadian: a world in harmony. Grand, raw, and immaculate, Biophilia is a track destined for greatness.

As of September 1st, Endless Valley have been signed to 4000 Records. We can’t wait to see what meditative melodies are yet to come to light. In the meantime, grab your copy of Biophilia here. Check out the video below: