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Engineering the Sound: spacing out with FabFilter’s Timeless 3

FabFilter plugins are famous in studios all over the world, owing to their superior sound quality and user interfaces. Engineering the Sound took their new Timeless 3 delay for a spin.

FabFilter has all but become a household name for its Pro-Q plugin — very much the leader for in the box EQ. Refreshingly, the company doesn’t go for the ‘vintage’ vibe (at least in looks) — the plugins are unabashedly futuristic in form and function. Case in point: the new Timeless 3 delay plugin.

Another FabFilter tradition is the extraordinary depth of its plugins’ abilities. On the surface, delay is a simple effect, but the Timeless 3 will help you to reimagine what can be achieved with echoes and space.

The signal is able to be routed through five processors: Drive (dial in for glorious saturation), Lo-Fi (bit-crushing goodness), Diffuse (blurring the delayed and feedback audio), Dynamics (gating and compression), and Pitch (for, well, pitch-shifting).

If that wasn’t enough, things get really fun when you get into the drag and drop modulation section. Grabbing sources and dragging them onto targets is a piece of cake, offering you multiple ways to completely customise the shape and tone of your ambience.

FabFilter Timeless 3

Plus, being a FabFilter plugin, there’s ample EQ horsepower, with intuitive MIDI learn capabilities that allow users to ‘perform’ the evolving delays on a controller of their choice.

Head over to FabFilter for all the details.

Engineering the Sound used an MSI Creator 15 in this video.