Enter the fifth dimension in Dave Weir’s magnificent 14 minute Ep ZaZaZoo

New Zealand songwriter Dave Weir is as pure as artists come. His affinity for unique expression and the simple drive to create is the bedrock of his brilliant work.

With an untempered propulsion generate art, Weir’s latest creation ZaZaZoo is an expertly crafted amalgamation of three songs that effortlessly blend into 15 minutes of pure audio bliss.

Dave Weir

Dave Weir has a knack for creating music that’s both familiar and wildly original. ZaZaZoo is a masterful confluence of 60s psychedelia and modern experimental.

At the heart of Dave Weir’s creations, at the very nucleus, is an unabridged tendency for pure poetic lyricism and circular, open chord structures. Then coat that in 60s psychedelic pop and again in endless layers of personality, texture and space and you will have the musical identity that is as unique as a thumbprint.

While the core of Weir’s song writing resides in some blend of The Kinks, Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles and David Bowie, there is so much more at play here in the mere soundscapes he creates and the effortless fluidity between each song. It really must be heard to be truly understood.

From the onset of operatic, swirling synths and spacey falsettos there is an overwhelming sense of wonder. The space is expansive and the layers intricate, before a trippy, fuzzed out riff jangles in and the vocals come soaring down like psychedelic robins from the fifth dimension. Thus we have entered the strange, yet beautiful world of Dave Weir.

The magnificent 14 minute song is really three songs tangentially linked through the narrative of Weir’s absurdism. Where the first tune fades a jangly Beatles style journey takes it’s place as Dave introduces the theme’s of the ZaZaZoo. A world in which Weir is constantly painting in colours and sounds. Indeed, I would imagine the ZaZaZoo is the world which occupies Weir’s head.

The third and final song is a slow, psychedelic ballad which ends the 14 minute journey in an optimistic flourish. The self inflection is intriguing and the interstellar bluesy guitar transports as Weir repeats, ‘I’m a songwriter now.’

Ultimately, Dave Weir’s ZaZaZoo is a marvellous expression of songwriting fluidity. His ability to craft interesting and unique songs lends a superb flavour to Weir’s sound making him an impressive and identifiable songwriter.

Check out the magnificent ZaZaZoo and close your eyes below: