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Sellars deliver a groove-laden slice of psych-rock on Smoke Dreams

When South Australian brother duo Sellars unleashed their latest single Smoke Dreams earlier this month, we were immediately on board with their infectious, fuzzy psych-rock sound.

Considering that the pair draw inspiration from the likes of The Beatles, The Kinks, Cream, and The Rolling Stones, it’s no surprise that their sound is so unique and diverse. With elements of rock, blues, pop, and country all melding to form a sound that is equally as gutsy as it is groovy.

South Australian brother duo Sellars stir up a tantalizing brew of fuzz-drenched psych-rock and pop-infused charm on their newest single Smoke Dreams.

Raised in the South Australian countryside, brothers Andrew and Duncan Sellars grew up listening to their parent’s records and watching Rage, two things that inspired them to become musicians. Years on, the brothers – both multi-instrumentalists – spend their days writing and recording their personal brand of rock n’ roll music in their home studio.

Their latest single Smoke Dreams, inspired by dream rock and ’60s blues, is a groove-laden slice of raw, melodic rock. It’s a fuzz-drenched guitar-driven tune, brimming with massive riffs, intergalactic vocal work, dreamy harmonies, and funk-infused bass. This track is punchy, catchy, and guaranteed to get any crowd onto the dancefloor.

Sellars have quickly built a name for themselves playing at local gigs throughout South Australia, playing their rock n’ roll dancefloor burners to ever-growing crowds. Without a doubt, there will be more good things to come from this talented duo in the near future, and if this new single is anything to go by, they’re sure to be epic.


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September 26, 2019