EP Premiere: Number Station – Back Seat

Cruise along in the front and backseat these holidays with a band that promises slick summer dance vibes. As refreshing and untainted as the air you’ll be breathing along your carefree road-trips,  Number Station will be a must have station riding the radiowaves, as you’ll want to crank them up to cool down and blow off unpleasant steam. You’ll be chanting away at their instantly appealing tunes, and perfecting your body rocking dance moves as these guys take you all the way on this seemingly limitless road.

number station

Number Station’s second EP is a pleasant and rather titillating collection of indie-dance. Its beautifully grim charm traps you in this dazzling 80’s filmic world.

Melbourne’s indie-pop band Number Station’s sophomore EP Back Seat, has this easygoing yet passively energetic danceability about it, which will have you transfixed in this world of classic 80s – a confident sound that doesn’t need a blast of energy to  prove itself as worthy. They remind me of a milder version of Two Door Cinema Club, with more of an appreciation for the darker side of chill pop.

With Chris Andrews on vocals, Marcus Smith on guitar, Tom Beardsworth on guitars and keys, Jesse Burchat on bass, and Dave Amphlett on drums, these boys are all about sustaining moments to enthral and tease – their catchy choruses and rivetingly upbeat and smooth rhythms and melodies create a soundscape of peaceful unison, which is completely calm yet highly invigorating and pleasurable.

Against a backdrop of hallucinogenic purples, Number Station give you a pretty clear visualisation of what it feels like to experience them  – purple represents vanity, mystery, sadness and individualism – a perfect representation of the band. Number Station has this ability to create a crisp, busy yet uncluttered resonance – like a waterfall of vibrant instrumentals that glisten to draw your desirable attention.

Number Station’s debut EP Everything Will Change (2012) is more traditionally indie-rock, as it is edgy and gritty, combining acoustic and electronic instrumentals. Back Seat experiments more with an indie-pop sound, maintaining the ballad-like heartache of rock but with more synths, a lot more synths.

The Money is a promising way to enter into this lucrative EP, with the two-faced track exploring the good and dark side of money. The unexpected and temporary interruption of grungy distortion as it drowns the vocals provides this contrast. Before you know it the track continues like nothing ever happened, true to the spirit of Number Station that you should just pick yourself back up and keep on going.

Want You To Know has this undying and magnetic feel of pursuit and Our Friends is deliciously funky with its climatic splash of synths and inescapable cascading melodies.

Earlier in the year, while the boys worked on their latest EP, they decided to share a vault of recordings ranging from demos, alternative versions and live tracks. Even though they didn’t make the official cut for their EPs they are definitely worth checking out. You can do so right here!

With Back Seat to be released on all digital music platforms on November 28th, Number Station have set a date to officially launch this breakthrough EP.

Sunday 14th December – St Kilda Bowls Club

w/ DJs Double A & Dave Mack.