Introducing: American Wolf

Dream pop five piece from Chicago, Illinois, American Wolf did not write or play any songs on the Twilight sequel soundtracks. The fivesome probably could have featured on the albums if they had wanted to because their sound is rather atmospheric and eerie, in a woods and vampires kind of way*.

American Wolf

Aaarrooooooooooow! American Wolf walk the delicate line between dream-rock, alternative and folk with ease.

Introducing: Sal Plant on rhythm guitar and vocals, Hristo Mintchev playing the lead guitar, Joe Sherman smashing the drums, Ryan Moore tapping the keys and Ricky Georgen on the bass. An ambiguous band in sound, the wolves float between indie pop, dream rock, acoustic, ambient rock, alternative and folk-rock. Their songs are broken down to rest on the tender male vocals, creating a blend of ambitious tunes.

American Wolf manages to sound like an odd mix between: Mew, Beach House, Brand New and Sigur Ros. American Wolf’s sound can tend to rest in-between the aesthetic and the feeling their music brings to the listener. Their sound can float between genres and influences and still holds the same mellow vibe, a little bit like Placebo whispering. Their sound is slow and gentle with whimsical instrumentation and skillful and poetic lyrics.

To their honour, the band has seen three albums released between the years 2011 to 2014. Their most acclaimed record, Myraid has been hailed brilliant by dream pop listeners across the interweb. This album was otherworldly, emotion evoking and sensitive.

Their recently released album, My Main Sport takes a different shift. Every element of the sound is perfectly balanced; the lyrics coupled with slow bass and sporadic drums create an atmospheric sound. The lead single on the album My Main Sport starts off sounding very much like Beach House, accommodating to listeners and lovers of dream-pop. The tracks on the album are heavy hearted and soulful but still have the right level of pop to carry it across as an indie album sensation. Drumming is a stand out on almost every My Main Sport track. Although every song has been crafted in a unique way, the stand out song on this album is Evil Eyed, a slightly quicker song, representing dream-pop at it’s best.

American Wolf are currently touring My Main Sport in and around America. Be sure to listen to their tracks and catch a gig if you are in the United States.

*Ed. American Wolf would also be great on the soundtrack to a Creature From The Black Lagoon reboot. Just saying.



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