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EQ with colour: meet the Massive Pride from Manley

Manley is renowned for creating studio hardware of exceedingly high quality, with the Massive Passive Stereo EQ being one of their prime pieces of kit. To celebrate Pride Month, they’ve made this unit even more special with the limited edition release of the rainbow-coloured Massive Pride.

Only 50 of these outboard pieces will roll out of the Manley factory, so if you want to claim your piece of history (and pick up an incredible EQ while you’re at it), you better jump in quick. Manley Massive Pride

Bring some colour to your studio. Manley Labs has launched a very limited run of their Massive Passive EQ in celebration of Pride Month: meet Massive Pride.

The four frequency bands multiplied across the left and right of the stereo spectrum, pay homage to the original rainbow-coloured gay pride flag made in 1978.

The company’s founder, EveAnna Manley had this to say on the release:

“In the spirit of social inclusion and recognition of our desire for the supportive embrace of all people, I invite everyone to help celebrate Gay Pride Month 2020 with us. May unification, peace, and calm be eventually restored to our planet with love, appreciation, and understanding for all of our fellow humans.”

The EQ features four bands across the left and right sides, high pass and low pass filters, with boost/cut and shelf/bell switches per band, all powered by high-voltage vacuum tubes.

The company has also put its money where its mouth is, donating proceeds from the sale of Massive Pride to the Human Rights Campaign.

Visit Manley for all the details.