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Maag Audio: Redefining Studio Excellence

The Maag PREQ2 & EQ4, a dynamic duo for every studio.

In the realm of audio innovation, Maag Audio stands as a beacon of excellence, pioneered by the visionary Cliff Maag Sr. whose groundbreaking NTI EQ3 transformed the industry. It was during the early nineties that Maag Audio introduced the world to the iconic “air band,” a revolutionary addition that set new standards in audio processing. Fast forward three decades, and Maag’s EQ format, whether in hardware or plug-in iterations, has become indispensable in studios across the globe.

The Maag Preq2, a compact yet powerful 500 series unit that embodies Maag’s commitment to quality and innovation. Boasting 42dB of gain with a clean 25dB boost, this preamp offers substantial tonal control. Beyond its standard preamp features like HPF and 20dB pad, what sets the Preq2 apart is its iconic air band, known for its ability to add a unique sparkle and presence to audio signals.

Additionally, the front-facing instrument input and thru/output jack further enhance its versatility, making it a preferred choice for engineers seeking both power and portability without compromise.

Complementing the Preq2 is the Maag EQ4 500 series equalizer, a single-channel module designed to sculpt audio with finesse and precision. Featuring six EQ bands, including the signature air band shelf equalizer, the EQ4 offers unparalleled control over audio frequencies.

Whether boosting frequencies at 650Hz for bass richness or adding a touch of airiness at 40kHz, the EQ4’s capabilities make it a favorite among audio professionals striving for sonic perfection. Bringing the Maag Preq2 and EQ4 into the studio unveils their true potential. The ability to shape and refine audio during tracking processes not only enhances creative workflows but also ensures optimal sonic results. Maag’s unwavering commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of these units, from their robust build to their exceptional sound performance.

Priced at 1900 AUD for the Preq2 and 1500 AUD for the EQ4, these units offer exceptional value for their capabilities. They represent a perfect blend of top-notch audio engineering and portability, making them indispensable tools for professionals and enthusiasts alike who refuse to compromise on sound quality.

Head to the Maag Audio Website to learn more and be sure to check out our full demo and review on YouTube.