Eric Clapton and Van Morrison have dropped a cringeworthy anti-lockdown song

The once-great Eric Clapton and Van Morrison have, and I’m sorry to say it, reduced themselves to fear-mongering on their new single.

If you’re a high-profile figure openly spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation about COVID-19, you will be turned into a meme. You deserve it. It’s safe to say that Van Morrison and Eric Clapton have thoroughly stitched themselves up this time.

The two music veterans have joined forces for a horrific new anti-lockdown anthem Stand and Deliver. 

van morrison and Eric Clapton

Written by Morrison and performed by Clapton, this blues-rock track is packed with more fear-mongering lyricism and propaganda than a MAGA rally. “I just wanna do my job, playing the blues for my friends. Magna Carta, Bill of Rights, The Constitution, what’s it worth?” Clapton sings. “Do you wanna be a free man or do you wanna be a slave?”

Van Morrison has made his problematic views about the pandemic very vocal this year, once referring to social distancing as “pseudo-science.” That certainly didn’t stop the once-great Clapton from jumping on board the cancel train for this collab, and whipping out a pretty mediocre guitar solo just to be safe.

It seems that the duo were forced to scrap a few key phrases from the final song also, replacing the term “fascist state” with “police state” and the line “Dick Turpin wore a mask too” for “Not a word you heard was true.” Stand and Deliver is yet another in a long line of shit anti-lockdown songs from Morrison, who released the equally gross Born to Be Free and No More Lockdown earlier in the year.

Who needs science and proven fact when you have the word of two geriatric rockstars?

Grit your teeth and brace yourselves for the shitstorm below: