The Vultures drop a trip-fuelled music video for single ‘Every Night’

Gold coast duo The Vultures created an air-lock groove on their latest single Every Night. Now, they’ve got a trippy music video to match.

Liam Bowditch (vocals/guitar) and Joe MacPhail (drums) have been playing together since childhood, officially forming their rock-outfit The Vultures in 2012. After some east-coast Dive Bar grinding, earning them a Song of the Year nomination at the 2015 Gold Coast Music Awards, the group disbanded to pursue musical ventures separately. However, when a duo boasts an irreplaceable, fiery synergy, sometimes the only right thing to do is rekindle the flames.

After their 2019 reunion in Berlin, the trouble-makers returned to Australia, got busy, and subsequently dropped their 2020 comeback-banger Every Night. Now, it’s got a music video to accompany.

The Vultures

In short, their music video is entirely immersive. It was directed in one day by drummer Joe MacPhail at a studio in Melbourne, but, with its abundance of visual creativity, you’d never guess. The whole viewing experience feels intense and cramped, evoking the feelings of the COVID-19 lockdown, which was in full swing at the time.

As the bass throttles, prepare for an array of hazy effects, including (but not limited to); silhouettes, double exposure, kaleidoscopes, pinholes, and an upside-down camera. I’ve probably missed a few, but you get the idea.


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The music video’s density and disorientating nature are no doubt intentional, matching the isolated, drugged-up themes of the track. “High, every night. To get you off my mind”, Liam sings. It’s a foolproof observation for a universally adolescent situation, proclaimed over a surefire rhythm section. Glimpses of the seasoned duo flicker throughout the clip, as they sit ’round the studio, fiddling with instruments, looking typically grave. It’s well-earned though, the melody on this track is about as slick as a swaggered-up Arctic Monkeys cut from 2013.

If The Vultures continue to dish out assured indie-rock of this calibre, there’s no doubt we’ll be hearing their name a lot more as we enter 2021. Tight shit boys.

Have a watch of the Every Night music video below:

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