WizTheMc drops a playfully immersive video for ‘All My Friends Are Stoned’

Newcomer WizTheMc has just released a charmingly breezy and immersive new music video for his stoner-anthem single.

WizTheMc is well and truly shifting the hip-hop game, as we speak. Born in Cape Town but raised in Germany, the 21-year-old M.C. has dropped a music video that is spectacularly exuberant, yet still intricately detailed. Following an impressive deal with Elliot Grainge’s 10K Projects and Homemade Projects, WizTheMc has officially begun his journey to stardom and this music video will certainly assist in growing his fanbase.

Directed by Fela‘s Justin Singer, the music video for All My Friends Are Stoned quips nostalgia to great effect. The video pulses through cheeky high-school shenanigans between WizTheMc and his friends, between trippy, kaleidoscopic visuals. One foot is constantly dangling out of reality, as Singer meshes glee and absurdity with captivating charm. And yes, as can be expected, they’re all high as fuck.


Amidst the red cups, sharpie-drawn moustaches, skateboarding, and kiddie pools, there is a glaring question. Are these entangled scenes of whimsy actually imagination or reality? The answer is irrelevant and, besides, the video’s ambiguous conclusion makes for a more memorable narrative. As said by WizTheMc, this clip is a nod to his “stoner high school years.” A linear music video couldn’t possibly do it justice.

The fun doesn’t end with the music video, though. All My Friends Are Stoned is an instantly catchy, summery slice of pop and hip-hop. It boasts some surprisingly slick genre-bending that’s reminiscent of fellow youngster Dominic Fike. WizTheMc’s hook, “All my friends are stoned, and so am I. How did all this life pass us by?”, is the standout line: a daring mix of wit, and that brutal, sudden realisation that life is terribly short. Depending on how stoned the listener is, they might pick up on both.

This single is one of seven tracks on WizTheMc’s What About Now EP, also containing breakout hit For A Minute. 

Have a listen below:

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