The Vultures make a stunning return with ‘Every Night’

After five years in the wilderness, The Vultures are back with a new anthem, Every Night. One listen is all it will take for this groove to plant itself in your memory.

Gold Coast duo The Vultures are sure to turn heads on their emergence from a five-year hiatus. The slick and punchy Every Night is crammed with hooks — from thumping basslines all the way up to falsetto choruses.

Comprised of Liam Bowditch on guitar and vocals, and Joe MacPhail on drums, The Vultures is the result of a musical partnership that stretches back to childhood. Their songwriting and production chops are on full display in this fresh and funky anthem, that sounds equally at home on the festival stage and the dancefloor.

The Vultures

The Vultures officially became a band back in 2012, but the connection between Bowditch and MacPhail is a lifelong one. Cutting their teeth on the East Coast touring circuit, it wasn’t long before the band was garnering recognition across the land.

The lads have been working and touring in various musical projects in recent years, so new material for The Vultures had to take a back seat. After taking a trip to Berlin — a city that’s famously inspired many a musical rekindling over the decades — the two continued honing new material back in Australia.


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Every Night is the tight and infectious manifestation of their labour. Fading in with a synth-driven riser, the track drops into a heavy groove — a mid-tempo beat with a fuzzed-out bassline, supporting Bowditch’s laid-back vocal delivery.

It’s the chorus that really hits though. The richly layered falsetto vocal stabs, further elevated by saturated guitars and hard-hitting rhythms from the drums and bass. The track effortlessly swaggers on toward its conclusion, with each layer of synth, guitar and vocal adding tasteful touches of retro magic.

Check out Every Night below: