Ziggy Alberts’ anti-mask views have turned him into Australia’s biggest meme

Ziggy Alberts and his anti-face mask views (he compared the measures to Nazi Germany) have certainly landed him in hot water with the Australian public.

The Sunshine-coast bred artist’s rant against face masks came in retaliation to mandatory rulings in Melbourne that face masks would have to be worn, with a $200 fine incurred on those not abiding by the new rulings.

ziggy alberts, nazi germany, anti-vax, face mask
Credit: Jordan Denyer

Ziggy Alberts’ anti-mask views have seen some pretty damning backlash with the Sunshine Coast singer turned into Australia’s biggest meme.

Alberts rant on his Instagram page seemingly compared the ruling to the stripping of basic rights in Nazi Germany, with the statement leading to some pretty heated backlash from artists and fans alike.

Alberts said, “My great grandfather hid a Jewish family and an American pilot during Nazi rule in Holland and was killed for doing so. For trying to keep innocent people safe.”

He continued, “There is no way I’m going to support, endorse or encourage mandatory face masks or lockdown in a free country. Because our country is no longer free when you can’t leave your house or face fines for not wearing something over your mouth when you try to leave.”

Some potentially harmful comments considering his Instagram audience of 205,000 followers, with the Australian singer facing some damning responses from his fellow artists.

The likes of Alex Lahey, Polish Club’s David Novak, and Gordi, who is actually a certified doctor, have all publicly criticised Alberts harmful rhetoric.

Ziggy’s fellow artists aren’t the only one to put him on blast, with Alberts’ recent comments, as well as anti-Vax and anti-5G views, becoming the subject of an array of brilliant memes on Facebook groups such as Sultanaposting.

We picked out some of our favourites to put on display.

ziggy alberts, nazi germany, anti-vax, face mask
Credit: Nate Pedrotti


ziggy alberts, nazi germany, anti-vax, face mask
Credit: Andy Hopkins


ziggy alberts, nazi germany, anti-vax, face mask
Credit: Nate Pedrotti

Ziggy Alberts has since taken to Instagram to release a statement in response to the backlash to his comments.

The statement read, “My foremost concern, which I raised yesterday, and today via my social media, is in regard to the mandate of face masks or lockdowns. Specifically, the potential for punishment and fines if people do not comply.”

He continues, “I am not giving any medical advice and am certainly not in a position to do so. I believe people have to make the best decision for their health, at their own consent.”

He finishes closes the statement by saying, “My intent was not to alarm or offend people; it was an honest statement of my position in relation to these mandates.”

The full statement can be found below.


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